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Track Wreckerz = A talented group of young men who aspire to revive the meaning of good music.


Da Bomb Of The Week: Read the interview with Soundclick superstar Johnny Juliano. He talks about what it takes to make beats for a living. Something in here for all of you to learn from and get inspired by.
On The Front Line: The next NFX challenge is up. It’s a sample challenge this time and top prize is worth over $700 retail! There is no entry fee, but only the first 20 entries are eligible. Read more about the sample challenge and rules.
The Weapon Of Choice: JamaR discovered a free, super realistic Rhodes VST called MrTramp2. This is a great little plug-in that is a nearly perfect simulation of the soulful Wurlitzer(TM) 200A Electric Piano. This will add emotion and boost those R&B tracks you want to make.
Final Notes: There are a lot of things for you to do here at Warbeats so you owe it to yourself to get informed and try the other areas you may be missing. See the About Warbeats page for a rundown of what you can do here.
A shout out to longtime family member Saha who dropped a cypher and shared it with us.
A special thanks to B&E Beats who took the time to review his Beats By Dre cans.

featuring GYPTIAN
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Slate Stone


Slate Stone:
Passion and Zeal for the Industry– Immersed in the culture of Hip Hop since early childhood, Slate Stone, born Tomas Juan Carlos Sawyer, began expressing his love for music. Through his experience with producing, writing and performing, Slate has evolved himself into a very talented and well-balanced artist. Known for his creative wordplay and razor-sharp lyricism, Slate Stone has proven himself proficient in the world of Hip-Hop. Slate’s 10-year dedication to his craft has been his most vaulable asset. A Texas native, Slate has been playing the piano and singing for his church since the young age of 9. He is also a skilled drummer and accomplished guitar player. Known as one of the best rap/hip-hop acts in the West Texas region, Slate Stone’s skills, from start to finish, are recognized through his high level of intensity and lyrical genius. In a recent interview with Study Breaks Magazine, Slate Stone was asked about his ardor for the industry, he had this to say: “I wanna show the music industry what it really takes to get recognized and respected”, Slate said. “You can’t just put a MySpace page up and expect that to make your career. You gotta sell yourself and if you’re any good, your craft will follow. You have to create a compelling impact — it’s all about the hustle and dedication to music.” Slate has toured with Mike Jones, Bo Hagen, Ying-Yang Twins and Paul Wall, to name a few. With his influences ranging from Notorious BIG and Common, to Black Thought and Jay-Z, it’s no wonder this producer turned rapper is primed for the big-time.

* True Emcee’s Neva Die
* My New Hip-Hop
* Death of Swag

* My Videos can be found @ this YouTube channel Link–> {}
* My latest mixtape “Tha Stoneage” Volume 1 by Dj Mex –> {}

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Da Bomb Of The Week: dcteK is up top again dropping some serious knowledge on Sampling and clearing samples. In this blog he talks about The Fair Use Law, How to obtain a license, and common mistakes people make. Read more about all the legal ins an outs here: So you wanna Sample?

On The Front Line: New Warbeats member XcaliberZero writes: “Im not asking for feedback to rate my beats or anything im simply asking what can i do to improve?” The obvious answer would be practice, practice and then practice more, but as A.G.C. always does, he didn’t leave it at that. Check out this post to read Chapter 1 of A.G.C.’s new book, it’s still untitled at the moment.

The Weapon Of Choice: TRANSITIONS! To add life to your productions, and keep them from being too repetetive you should always make sure you have a nice mix of fills and transitions. Crash cymbals, snare rolls, hat rolls, etc. Break downs / bridges are also very effective to ad interest and life to your production. Read more about breakdowns and transitions, when-where-why in this thread.

A Final Note: Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a federal holiday observed on the the third Monday of January. RIP Martin Luther King Jr and thanks for your sacrifice. King traveled over six million miles and spoke over twenty-five hundred times, appearing wherever there was injustice, protest, and action; and meanwhile he wrote five books as well as numerous articles.

Here’s your chance to be in SmarterHipHop hall of fame by sampleing this video below and make a beat then submitt it  to and we will judge them and put the best in the hall of fame sampler of the month!

J-Murk 1st video Introduction to Hiphop

Who is J-Murk… Queens, NYC born and raised; Jordan M. Mercado now a Phoenix resident performs under the moniker J-Murk. Independently managed and represented, this 19 year old flit-tounged lyrical phenom has been honing and redefining the art-form for just 5 short years. In that time he has garnered a Myspace auidience and following of six digit proportion. He prides his culturally diverse upbringing, early exposure to the arts and various musical genres, an eclectic mix of friends and family as his core inspiration. professionally, he sites a range of artists from the vintage style pioneers Bone Thugs & Harmony to posthumous Big L and more more recently Eminem. J-Murk’s style however, is all his own; the eloquence of his metaphoric prose, rhythmic cadence, and keen with is precedence-setting in the current underground Hip Hop scene. Like Murkury, the greek God of Messengers, his delivery is unmatched and insurmountable.