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Prince Waleed’s Car: No Pain at the Gas Pump for Him!

Prince Waleed of Saudi Arabia got a new car. When you’re filling up your gas tank, give a thought to Prince Waleed’s needs! See photos below.

Saudi Prince Waleed Bin Talal got himself his 38th car. He personalized it a little, just a few add-ons. You know, to give it some bling-bling. The Mercedes SL600 is diamond-studded, mink-furnished and cost him a mere $4.8 million. Pocket change!
Can you imagine what the Prince looks like driving down the road in that? Does he drive it down the road? I just know I’d be standing on the sidewalk hoping a diamond would come loose and fall off about the time he drove past me.
Give this a thought when you are filling up your gas tank …. I’m sure he appreciates your contribution to his wealth.


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