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RIVERSIDE: “Da’ HipHop Wizzard of Oz” set
“Da’ HipHop Wizzard of Oz” is an original, modernized version of the classic story “The Wizard of Oz.” A full-length stage play, the production is better described as a “dansical” — a production told through dance, movement, music, singing, and acting.
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The Risks of Cool: How Mountain Dew’s HipHop Ads Misfired
This month is not a good time to do the Dew. In two recent scandals involving its hiphop spokespeople, Mountain Dew pulled a violent, misogynistic commercial directed and starred in by artist Tyler, the Creator, and then broke ties with rapper Lil Wayne.
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HipHop Rumors: So Scrappy Put A Seed In Rasheeda’s Soil?
YOOOO! I had put this into the rumors yesterday, but I didn’t REALLY think that RASHEEDA was out there with Scrappy! But, damn…this rumor is getting some serious traction in the blog world. But, I saw on “Love & HipHop,” where Rasheeda’s man hubby
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Joe Latterner : ‘Hiphop therapist’ reaches youths through power of lyricism
Port City Daily
Joe Latterner, known otherwise as local hiphop artist KON Sci of MindsOne, has achieved his master’s degree in social work and is reaching youths via application of ‘hiphop therapy.’ Photo courtesy UNCW. Editor’s note: This is the third in a series
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