New Music #Submission- by @CharlesJoseph1 “Just A Game”

Thank you for taking the time to review our submission of recording artist Charles Joseph and his latest release.

Song Title: Just A Game

Artist: Charles Joseph

Producer: Charles Joseph

Release Date:11/11/14

Description: Hip Hop

Artist Pic: Attached JPEG

Song Artwork: Attached JPEG



YouTube Audio:

Social Links:


You Tube:


Instagram: @cjosephmusic

Twitter: @charlesjoseph1

Bio: Charles Joseph is an up and coming Artist/ Producer from Brooklyn, NY. He has been steadily growing his buzz performing around NYC. This is the third record leaked from the upcoming mixtape titled "Joseph" Scheduled to drop November 25th. The mixtape will be available for free on and Charles said this about the record:

" I would be making music anyway regardless of my goal to be one of the greatest. This record represents playing your heart out and not always looking at the scoreboard"

If you need any further info please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks again.


Jason Goldstein

Respectfully Almando Mcfadden aka @DJMONDOENT
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