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THA REAL McCoy is not your average Hip-Hop artist from Brooklyn. Distributing his music independently he gain the likes of Russell Simmons who quoted; Art allows people a way to dream their way out of their struggle. Releasing his new single "So He Motivated" through a host of digital music stores such as iTunes, GooglePlay, Rhapsody & Amazon. The song was created to give inspiration to the people to stay motivated no matter the challenge we face to achieve our goals in life.

After losing his mother to a sudden severe heart attack & stroke October 2011. McCoy buried his mother with honors remembering the last thing she expressed to him during their last encounter. As she quoted to him "Put Life back into your music and show the world". McCoy released two mix-tapes right after, CokeClassics & PEPCI Challenge. His objective through music is to ignite faith & perseverance to his supporters with creative concepts & real life topics.

His new single "So He Motivated" was used to ignite the staymotivated campaign which will be followed by the release of merchandise distribution such as "Stay Motivated 2K15" Tee-Shirts, hats & pens for online purchase. McCOY objectively continues to win the heart & minds of his supporters through motivation and inspiration as he builds his music foundation. "Knowing that he has another day to rep/Success is a journey/so he take a step/and even when they doubt/he stayed on trek/he move with the universe every single breath". Quoted from his New single

Below are the streaming links you can view and listen to, hope you enjoy!


Preview YouTube video THA REAL McCoy – So He MotivatedTHA REAL McCoy – So He Motivated







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